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What You Need for Roadside Emergencies

Roadside emergencies are stressful when they happen but they can also be dangerous.

There are several items you should carry in your vehicle to ensure your safety in the event of a roadside emergency, be it due to a tire problem, or a mechanical failure or even just running out of gas.

You should ensure you have a cell phone to contact roadside assistance, a relative or friend or even the police, and make sure you have a charger for it in your vehicle too.

Often a mechanical failure such as no windshield wipers in the rain or a failed headlamp can be due to something small like a burned out fuse so always carry a spare set. The same goes for headlamp and other bulbs.

A jumper cable is essential if the car will not start due to a flat battery but even more useful is a portable battery booster which you can use without the need for a second car.

Always carry a flashlight in case you have an emergency at night and make sure it is both bright and weatherproof. Try and purchase one with a mounting system or a stand so that you do not need to use one hand to hold it and ensure you have spare batteries and a bulb in the vehicle as well.

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