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Stolen Ambulance Involved in Rollover Accident

On Friday afternoon, November 20, a stolen ambulance was involved in a rollover accident.

According to Minot Police, the ambulance which was outside the emergency room at Minot’s Trinity Hospital was stolen at about 1.15 p.m. At the time it was stolen, Minot Community Ambulance Service crew members were inside the hospital dropping off a patient.

However, the ambulance set off and was pursued by police at speeds of more than 90 mph along Highway 53. The chase eventually ended near Carrington on Highway 281 some 120 miles from Minot. Foster County Sheriff says that the chase ended when the ambulance swerved to avoid the spike strips which had been place on the road by the Highway Patrol and crashed into another vehicle before ending up on its roof in a field.

The driver of the ambulance escaped and ran from the scene but was later captured and the driver of the vehicle he hit had to be extricated and was transported to hospital where his condition is not known.

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