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Number of Fatal Road Traffic Accidents in North Dakota

Statistics issued by the Federal Highway Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been looked at for each of the states which make up the United States and ranked as to in which states you are most likely to have a fatal road traffic accident.

It is grim reading for North Dakota which is the third most likely state in which you will suffer a fatal road traffic accident. The state population is around 725,000 people with 514,000 licensed drivers. There were 148 road traffic deaths in 2013, which includes pedestrian and cyclist deaths. The chances of being involved in a fatal car crash are one in 2,436 and the chances of being killed are one in 4,888.

The one good point is that pedestrians in North Dakota are far less likely to be hit and killed by a vehicle in the state compared to the rest of the country.

The two states which are even more dangerous are Mississippi and Montana, with Montana in the unenviable number one position with a one in 4,433 chance of dying in a car crash.

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